Halo 4: Evaluation Dysfunction by br1zzo

br1zzo created a response to my Premature Evaluation for Halo 4's multiplayer

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Playing Halo 3 multiplayer I remember feeling like shit because I couldn't rank up past captain and if I had a bad string of matches I might even lose a skillpoint. I would rate myself an above average player on most days but because I was at the bottom of the top- (If you get me)- I was playing hardcore players who were all in parties and knew when/where every weapon re spawned. I don't miss that system but I DO miss firefight, that is my favourite game type in any game. The multiplayer is excellent and the game looks great and plays great, so I don't know why the absence of  a ranking system is so major.

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I agree with many of your points and I certainly agree that Jon was a bit too critical in his evaluation video.  However I disagree with your statements about the maps, I personally find all of them very engaging and fun to play.

Also the lack of ANY form of ranked competitive matches is disappointing   And I'm afraid you are incorrect as Halo Reach had Arena matches, which were a form of ranked matches that was cleverly kept separate from the 'mainstream' online-Jon even mentions playing these a lot in his video.  An implementation of some similar system would be great for Halo 4, though I don't think not having it ruins the game (as Jon claims it did for him).

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