Bioshock: Infinite, Hype leading to Danger?

Just the announcement of Infinite had fans of the series wagging their tails for this upcoming release to their original Bioshock, me included.
I will not deny the prestige that Bioshock earned rightly. Story, gameplay, and environment all had us transfixed into the screen, an FPS that could stand to Halo and COD, without any multiplayer! (We will ignore Bioshock 2) The Infinite trailers had us pumped, the advertisements on the web kept us informed, the E3 confirmation of the PS3 move support . . . yeah.

Do you know what this reminds me of? Call of Duty, Halo, Killzone.
COD: awesome trailers
Halo: a staple of E3
Killzone: gimmick support
The market releases to us the action shooters that will appeal to all gamers, and now we have the story interactive story game that will have focus on . . . story, that we all will be reminded of without end till release.

All sequels seem to suffer from this if the original generates critical acclaim.
For mindless shooters like the mentioned, its piss easy to appeal to your fans. Just add new ways to enjoy your mindless shooting and exploding, not like that’s a bad thing.
For a story driven medium, it’s hard as hell. Gaining critical acclaim on your story and environment sets the bar pretty high to impress your fans, and releasing your setting and environment so early before release is not helping much. Cloud City looked cool the first time but after awhile you’ll wonder what’s left? Buildings and sky . . . not much left you can do there.

Gameplay may not be much better off, guns and plasmids and a skyline system is all one can see in Infinite’s arsenal. Revamped melee? Puzzles? Not yet it seems. Oh but it seems we have a brand new faction system.
Instead of splicers, the other splicers, and the Big Daddies/Sisters, we have the Founders who want pureblooded Columbia to remain pure, no stinkin foreigners in our city.
While the Vox Populi, a.k.a the Resistance who fight for the foreigners and seek to secure their own seat of power. The revolution will no be civilized, it has been said and this game is no different with both factions at all out war with each other. Snobs versus Slobs seems very prevalent.

As interesting as that sounds Infinite has played from the same play book as certain other game that was apparently “horribly handled, ugly looking, lag induced crap hole” Brink.

What a money drain that game was, right?
I mean look at the story, a city named the Ark, built at sea, hidden to all, but well known to everyone. A self-supporting beacon of green technology meant to demonstrate to the world a new way of living. As years go by we learn that the Ark is flooded with refuges escaping from the increasingly rising water levels. They are known as Guests who owe their survival to the original inhabitants, the Founders.
I’m not kidding; bonus points if you guessed the Founders have great disdain to the foreigners.
It gets better, as the self-sustaining tech wears out under the over populated usage, the Guests grow disgruntled, in response; water rations are enforced by Security. Soon we have the Guests forming the Resistance, a group of extremist, rebels, and psychos all banded together to gain equality for the Guests. As the conflict escalates the lines are set, The Resistance now wish to escape the Ark and find what land remains, while Security remains determined to save the Ark from falling apart. How these interests collide? Who knows, play the game your self

So yeah it sounds like a piece of crap, right? Lets hope Infinite can make lighting strike twice. No I’m not kidding, you think COD will get flak for whatever it does in multiplayer, just imagine Infinite not having the same appeal like Bioshock. I can almost imagine the reviews in my head.

“A fresh new environment with old mechanics leave much to be desired”-Game Informer.

“New Columbia brings an original story, but carries an old gameplay formula”-IGN

So you better pray for divine intervention for Infinite to be fresh. Of course for all we know Infinite will be amazing, passionate, and will gain critical acclaim like its ancestor. Perhaps just playing the game will bear more fruits then worrying about it. Who knows, who cares, but a warning is necessary, all this hype is not helping it out.

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Personally the Bioshock formula is amazing. I loved the first game because of the story and the way the story and game mechanics actually coincided. Bioshock 2 did that as well. The only problem with sequels is that people get bored of the same amazing all the time. Its essentially like over playing a good song. That song has no ring to it!

I would be fine if they changed just enough of the original formula to make it feel fresh and interesting. But when I jump into Bioshock Infinite I still want to be able to jump into the game without to much tutorial (Me being someone who has beaten both previous games not some newcomer). If it is changed to much it could take away from the perfection that was plasmids and gene tonics and fire arms.

So for me the main element for any Bioshock better be the damn story. At the end of the first Bioshock I was like "... damn..." And the head of every game should be the story... unless its CoD then I really could care less. But I would be truly disappointed if they focused on new game mechanics and the story  was drab and pointless. If you know what I mean!

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