Max Payne 3 Preview

This year the big thing at New York Comic Con is that Rockstar showed the first real footage of Max Payne 3 behind closed door.  The demo begins with Max at his apartment with one of his buddies trying to convince him to come down to Brazil for work instead of staying in his apartment drinking all the time. It only takes two minutes into the demo where someone appears with a crew to kill Max as old fashion without explanation. The first thing you will notice is that the transition between cutscene to gameplay is smooth and amazing without a load or blackscreen. So the big thing they explained is that bullet time has been updated so now when you clean out a room and you have to kill one more guard, the shoot you will take will go into a cinematic camera view has the bullet travels through the air to the target to show the kill up close. Think Fallout's vats with better  graphics and less weird walking animations. 

The as you walk down the hallway choppers and snipers are shooting through the windows and you have to run down the hallway before you become shot up. Then you are interrupted by  a crazy neighbor saying he got this and takes out a shotgun to take everyone out in the side hallway. Max enters the dudes apartment and grab painkillers which is how you regain health in the game as always. When you leave the apartment for the hallway the dude is capture and spouts about how he has a trick up his sleeve where he took off his robe to reveal the bomb he is wearing him and blows him and the rest of them up. Then it was another jolt through the hallway 

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Nice quick overview. Kinda a plain writeup though; I would recommend adding some video or images to add some color to the page.

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