Some of may already know me from the site, but most of you guys don't. The name is Victor aka Explicitbaron as I'm known on WGG. I just started a brand new youtube channel, Greasyjoystick, in hopes of garnering some attention and possibly contributing to the site if my content is adequate enough. At the moment it's just playthroughs and walkthroughs, but maybe in the future if people start to enjoy my content I may start jumping into reviews, impressions and more unique content. This is my third youtube channel and hopefully this will be my first successful one. My previous channels never even made it to 100 subscribers or any real viewership. That being said I hope the awesome WGG community checks out my new channel Greasyjoystick.

At the moment I am working on a Metal Gear Solid playthrough as well as playthroughs for Tekken 3 and 007 From Russia With Love. I already have close to 100 videos so there is plenty of content to burn through for people who are interested  Currently with my primitive equipment I can only record Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games so, if you have any recommendations for some old games you enjoyed when you were younger drop me a message. If this channel builds a following maybe I'll upgrade my equipment. I am also looking for some to create a logo and intro for my channel to give it some form of branding and uniqueness to separate it from the crowd. I hope people don't think I'm trying to compete with nextgenwalkthroughs... I mean Wikigameguides, I am just trying to turn this lifelong passionate hobby into something more. I Hope to see some thumbs ups and comments on my future videos. Game on.

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Are you planning on doing any gameplay w/ commentary?

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@burchy sadly most likely not. I did a Metal Gear Solid 2 playthrough completely voiced over on my channel, but no one seemed to respond to it. I guess my voice is boring and a solo voice over doesn't sound as good as doing it with someone else to bounce ideas off.

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