Grand Theft Auto V First Gameplay Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for GTAV has been released!

Covalant101's picture

Looks awesome, can't wait.

Lazy's picture

Looking very good. Too bad it doesn't get released for PC straight away. I hope they do a better job porting it than they did with Gta IV.

Shanbhu's picture

looks amazing, really cant wait for this.

Scumbagb3n's picture

I cannot believe that there is any gamer in the world who will miss this gem on purpose. 

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btw are u guys going to do trailer talk with this trailer?

John Tarr's picture


The last GTAV trailer talk we posted got pulled for copyright infringement, so no.

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Alright, I gotta admit, that looks pretty cool. But I'm still gonna get Saints Row 4 first, and I'll probably have more fun with that. I'm also concerned with the driving mechanics. I quit GTA 4 because the driving was broken IMO, and I hated every driving mission. If the cars actually drive and handle and control well, maybe I'd be able to enjoy this.

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No commentary from the chimps? Very disappointed. Tsk tsk!

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cant wait

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