Gears of War Judgment Drink Along - Swearbracket Part 1 (Day 35)

Douchebag vs Dickhead? Blowjob vs Smegma? Poontang vs Queef? We answer all these pressing questions and MORE.


Behold: The Ultimate Curse Word Bracket


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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Boring game, boring commentary... sorry.

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^ agreed

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You two cunts are hilarious. 

Yes we British use cunt a lot. It's audibly beautiful. But we have many swear words that you may not use as much such as: 

  • Clunge - (Vagina)
  • Slag - (Promiscuous woman)
  • Cock jokey - (Homo)
  • Rat arsed - (Extremely drunk)
  • Cock cheese -(SMEGMA)
  • Uphill gardener -(Homo, need i say more) 
  • Muppet - (idiot)

Also enjoyed watching the new Gears of war gameplay, looks fun. Thumbs Up. :)

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Here in Britain, "cunt" is a very offensive word to use in front of women. I work in an office with 5 men and two women and we swear a lot whilst having banter, but nobody is allowed to say cunt.

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Cunt is used casually between men in Australia, I even use it as a term of endearment with some friends. But as in America/England it is frowned upon by most women-strange that men aren't offended by the word cock or prick or dick though.

A few favorites of mine

  • Fuckstick
  • Fucktard
  • Fuckwit
  • Cunt face   

I'm surprised that faggot didn't make the list.

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Another conjunction might have to be sod off.

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Yeah, cunt is pretty common in Australia, I'd say it almost gets used as frequently as 'fuck', depending on the people you're hanging out with at the time.

My favourite swear of all time has to be cock-gargling thundercunt

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Premature Evaluation vs other reviews

Speaking of which...

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