GTA V Trailer Talk! Michael, Franklin and Trevor Introduced

Three brand new GTA V trailers and a new Trailer Talk.


Trailer Talk - GTA V Character Introductions 


Michael's Trailer

"Radio Ga Ga" by Queen


Franklin's Trailer

"Hood Gone Love It" by Jay Rock


Trevor's Trailer

 "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?" by Waylon Jennings

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This is one of those games- franchises even- that you don't need to question or painstakingly sift through every trailer and review before finally deciding to make a purchase. Much like BioShock or Mass Effect you need not question the quality, you just need to buy the game. Unless for some reason you're not a fan of the GTA series, in which case you need to seek help. These are pretty great trailers though and it's good to hear your voices.

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I partly agree. If you like one GTA you're bound to like all the others. However this also means that every GTA has (und unfortunately will have) some terrible faults that other open world games don't have.

So while I'm looking forward to GTA5 I have way greater hopes for Saints Row 4.

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I read a preview on a Dutch website yesterday which revealed some information:

- You will be able to switch between the 3 main characters at will if you're not in a mission. If you leave one character at a location, he will stay there until you want to play with him again.

- Characters will have stats like stamina and strength. Each character will also have an unique trait. Trevor will be better at flying, Franklin at driving and Michael at shooting.

- No more girlfriends.

- Some missions require gameplay by all 3 characters. These are called Heists. Troughout the game there will be numerous heists. In the article they described a heist where you have to steal contents from a reinforced truck.

- Controls have been overhauled. For on foot controls they have drawn inspiration from Max Payne 3.

- Saving vehicles is no longer done by parking at designated parking spots. To save a car you have to buy a garage first, and to save a plane you have to buy an airfield first.

- Besides radio stations, there will be background music for various sections to add to the atmosphere.

- Rockstar is still unsure wether weapons will be lost upon death. (Personally I hope you keep them.)

- The writers of the article saw a weapon select wheel, though it went away too fast to analyse it thoroughly.

Link to article here (remove if this counts as advertising):
 It's Dutch, but I could translate some stuff if anyone asks.


I like the direction they are taking by using 3 characters. This could add interesting gameplay elements to missions. I also like that they ditched girlfriends, I hope I don't have to go bowling/darting anymore.

Besides the things mentioned I hope they do a good job making a pc port. I recently bought a gaming pc so I'd like to play the game on maxed settings without problems.

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I don't like GTA. I played a few of 'em, (Vice City, III, IV,) but, eh, I don't like them. IV especially was just painful. The driving mechanics were so shitty, I just quit after a while. Come to think of it, I haven't beaten any GTA. Ever. I prefer Saints Row. I had TONS of fun playing SR3, and I'm REALLY looking forward to SR4.. Seems to me, GTA is about telling a story, and Saint's Row is about having wild crazy fun, and I don't play games for the story, therefore I don't give a rat's ass about GTA. I did like Red Dead though, mostly because I didn't have to deal with shit driving mechanics, though shooting on a horse was a little difficult. Never played Max Payne, though I watched Dan's livestream of it.

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I hope they revamp the Save/Checkpoint-System. Because the one they had for all the previous GTAs was an insult to all that is good and just in this world.

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It's like getting 98% on a test so that no-one suspects any funny business.

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I agree, I think that most people who eagerly anticipate a new GTA release made their decision about whether they want to buy or not MONTHS ago. 


Thanks for all the good info!

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