The next Assassin`s Creed game announced, plus SONY`s new way to help with I.D. theft.

Ezio is back for his third and final outing in Revelations. Ezio will be following the footsteps of master assassin Altair. Ubisoft will also be adding a new gameplay element in the form of a hook attatched to the hidden blade. Our first proper look at the game will be seen at E3 next month. 


Now for SONY. In a letter from SONY CEO Harrold Stringer, he states that every PSN user will be entitled to a 1 million dollar I.D. theft protection plan. Also, SONY has stated that they are in the final testing phase of the fixed PSN.


Now I`m not going to make the mistake of calling people Xbots this time, but I am going to ask you how you could possibily say that SONY is treating you badly. Read the letter ( before you comment about how "Corporations only care about money!" GLaDOS out, PEACE!!!

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The problem was that they didn't give us any information pertaining the possible I.D theft until about six days into the situation. However I don't hold any grudges against them. It was annoying having to change all of my passwords, but now that it's done I feel a lot better about my security.

Sony has done quite a bit to nullify the situation since then. Even going so far as to give us users free content as soon as the store is live again. What they did is still unacceptable, but they seem to be doing everything they can to make up for it.

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The letter seems a little sugar-coated to me, like every other piece of media over there.

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I love how they are turning this situation into something profitable. By giving us PS+ and ID theft protection trials, we can pay them later on if we enjoy them. I don't need protection and a month free of PS+ is great

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Also, SONY is considering placing a reward on the hackers head.


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