Vlog/DevDiary #2

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A lot of pretty lofty promises. Your kinda like the Peter Molyneux of crappy flash games.

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How about you make some contributions instead of being a nay-sayer. It's game-development, and alot of ideas are thrown out of final builds of games. Also, I never made any promises about anything, so eat a dick.

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I have a good idea for a boss fight or a objective type thing. It would be John and Dan would be looking for Chad. When they find him, Chad would be blowing some guy in the back alley. For the boss part it would be chad would looking at Dan or John then yell at them for not letting him finish the guy and then attack ( Chad would look like Mr. Slave from south park, and have attacks similar to what mr. slave might have), and for the objective Chad would most likely get creamed on and say oh here's your money from my tuesday job. And then you would move on.

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