Livestream of Shadow of the Colossus HD IS GO!!!!!!!!!!


This Saturday I'm doing a nonstop playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus and will be equipped with plenty of smoke and drink ( through the game with the most badass ways to beat the bossfights (if they still allow some of the shortcuts the ps2 version did)


--UPDATE 9/28/2011-- *Everything is still the same, the controls, the way Wander moves and jumps, everything. It's very nice.

Also, the game will be played on my 60" plasma screen tv at 1080p, and will be recorded ghetto-fab style on a super high tech camera so powerful, I'm not allowed to even say what it is.

My playthrough will also serve as a guide to anyone that is stuck on any of the Colossi battles, or getting lost on the way to finding them.

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I'll try to catch it.

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If you are interested in watching, the stream is live

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