Is Pokemon really that good?

Some kid had been doing nothing but playing Pokemon for 9 months straight, with the goal of catching a super rare Shiny Ponyta.

Is this impressive or sad? I personally can't do anything but feel sorry for the kid. Not because he plays Pokemon religiously, but for the fact that his favorite band (admittedly too) is Sum 41.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

His parents must be so proud.

explicit_baron's picture

This is kid is soo sad but soo determined. I wish the battery died and he lost it.

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He had it plugged in but it never hurts to dream. 

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The closest I ever came to this amount of excitedness is when I went to a local liquor store and found that they had Woodchuck Fall Cider in stock (Fall cider is by far the most delicious Woodchuck flavor)

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I've managed to find a few shiny pokemon across a few games and all of them I found by accident, I got sick of farming it the way this guy did it. They are definately some of the best bragging material in gaming due to their rarity (outside of gameshark codes obv) and if you have an awesome looking one, such as the black Charizard, they are well worth a slot in your party.

This guy is taking it waaaaayyy too seriously though.

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