I watched Camelot and Came a lot...Now you can too!

Starz has a new series called Camelot, that gives a mature retelling to the story we all kind of remember. Any guy knows that a series on a premium channel means lots of good scenes to watch with the sound off. The show itself is pretty good too, definitely a gotta-see-the-next kinda show.

Starz was even generous enough to put up the full first episode on their website. You don't even have to sign up for anything or sign anything to watch it (screw you, ABC).


Here's the link to watch the episode. If it doesn't bring you directly to the video, goto Screening Room, and it should give you the option to watch the entire first episode.

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I'm on episode 3 right now, and I must say, as a former Lost fanatic, Morgan's character is really developing in to quite a villian, and looks like she could give Benjamin Linus a run for his money (That's right, I said it)

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20 mins in..booyaka

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