HBO's "Game of Beheadings" author disses LOST finale. BTW this show kicks ass.

A few weeks ago, I gave an excited review for the new Starz series Camelot. I loved the way it retold the fairytale as a legitimate story, with different perceptions on characters I've always known.

While Camelot is really good, and I recommend it to anyone, it's kinda slow in the way it starts up, and gave me initial doubts on how good it was going to be.

None of those doubts were apparant from the very start of the other medievel fantasy series, Game of Thrones, made by HBO. This show is fucking GOOOD. (Two beheadings within the 1st ten minutes, need I say more)

I haven't been this drawn in on the first episode of a show since the Pilot episode of LOST, which interestingly enough, the author of 'Game of Thrones', has dissed out a little bit. 

Basically, the author says he does not want to pull a LOST, and give an ending that contradicts what the series initally stands for, and he doesn't want to cop-out from the viewer at any point in time.

Sounds pretty damn good to me. Ever since LOST has been gone, there's been a void in the  speculating-fantasy-nerd aspect of my life. This show delivers.

It's got the queen lady from 300, so I expect some great breast scenes in this show.

Oh and in case you needed to know: much like Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones got renewed for a second season after it's first episode. THAT's how good this show is.

Link to Damon Lindlof's reaction here:

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As long as they stay close to the books I'm happy :)

Episode One was awesome :)

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