FratasticVoyage's Weekly Football Dumbass (besides Dan)

Not much to work with going into the season, but that doesn't mean some hilarious things didn't happen in offseason and lockout.

The NFL Dumbass of the Week is: Brandon Meriweather

Before you do anything. Like Anything. Watch this first:


Not even can the most awesome hat keep him on the Patriots. 

Ok? Now watch this:

Brandon Meriweather currently plays as a safety for the Chicago Bears. He was just recently released this preseason by the New England Patriots. His playing performance since he was drafted by the Patriots has been mediocre at best. Though what he lacked in game performance, he gained in rap skills, when he put out his popular hip-hop single "VIP" (it's on SWOLE)

He was a decent pick up but never really had a phenomenal game, or even memorable, game changing play. Unfortunately him, his rap skills, while hilarious, were not enough to keep him on the team. As a New England fan, I'm sad to see a personality like him leave, but at the same time, good riddance. Chung is such a better safety anyways.

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I didn't know a damn thing about Meriweather, but seeing stuff like the second video that obviously a hardcore Pats fan put together is super funny. I bet he got torn apart on local sports radio while he played for NE.

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I didn't know him either, funny shit though. The Patriots need a Big Bang Clock.

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Meriweather's presence here was gold

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