FratasticVoyage's Fratastic Vegas

So I'm going to post vids and pics and more stories as my vaca progresses.
Right now its 4:41 A.M. Aug. 17. im lounging on the chaise lounge in my underwear in my hotel room at the Flamingo. It's fuckimg sweet, because from my bed I can see the fountains from oceans eleven, which is a great movie by the way. (fun fact: the casino here is also the place where the scene of the hippie getting close lined was filmed.)

I have a plan of buying a hooker tomorrow night, specifically to force her to play mortal kombat with me. should be fun.

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well i live in vegas, so have fun, but be careful. the cops here suck.

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well shit, where were you when I needed bud

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Careful using that controller after she's done with it. Otherwise, you could be the first person to get VD from Mortal Kombat.

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