FratasticVoyage's Daily Pickem Locks of the Week

You read the title and teaser, so let's get down to business, bitch. You came here for answers. What you're going to get:

  • My Pick,
  • Some notable statistics 
  • A line or two headlining a key point in why I went with my pick.

Let's go down the line, shall we?

New Orlean Saints @ Green Bay Packers = Green Bay

  • In every ranking for the 2010 season New Orleans outranks Green Bay

This is sort of a tough call, seeing as last year Green Bay won, and the year before that, the Saints won as well. I like the potential of both teams, but I'm going with the "hot hand" this week by picking Green Bay to win. I'm also picking the Packers because some key players that were injured last season are back, like Donald Driver, who had his worse season in 7 years due to a quad injury, and I liked how he looked in preseason.

Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears = Atlanta Falcons

  • Total Offense 2010 Reg Season: Atlanta Falcons = 16th, Chicago Bears = 30th
  • Total Defense 2010 Reg Season: Atlanta Falcons = 17th, Chicago Bears = 24th
  • The Bears are so bad that Tim Tebow could probably replace Jay Cutler.
  • The Bears suck.

Seriously though, how do you pick against a quarterback with a nickname like 'Matty Ice'? The answer is you dont. Jay Cutler sucks and doesn't convert on third downs under pressure. Don't even think about it. Chicago isn't winning this one. (Seriously though, the depth chart for Atlanta looks much better than Chicago's.)

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs = Kansas City Chiefs

  • Matt Cassel was the backup for Tom Brady in '08, and was still able to bring the Patriots to the playoffs
  • The Buffalo Bills are almost not a real football team.

If you've never watched football before, here's a pro tip: Always bet against buffalo. Seriously, every time a decent healthy team plays Buffalo, the opposing team calls the week "Buffalo Week," which is synonymous with the term "preseason game" or "free win for the other team"

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns = Cleveland Browns

  • Both teams suck
  • The Cleveland Browns fall just short of the Bengals for the ugliest uniforms on the face of the Earth
  • The Bengals don't have any weapons to produce an offense with.

Well, I hate to do it, but I have to root for Rex Ryan's retarded brother. The Browns aren't what I call a good team, but I really don't see the Bengals beating them in Cleveland.

John Tarr's picture

No lock for Pats vs. Dolphins?

FratasticVoyage's picture

I'll get to that tomorrow. My attention span can only handle 4 games at a time, but that's an easy no-brainer.

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Just a couple of points. 

1. I think Rob Ryan (the Rex Ryan brother you referred to in the Browns/Bengals game) is with the Dallas Cowboys now. Is anyone going to watch this game...even people in Ohio don't care. 

2. Matt Cassel's ribs are all kinds of screwed up. Hard to win if your starting QB can't throw the ball with any power past 5 yards because his torso is a twisted monstrosity. 1 TD and 4 Picks is my guess for Cassel's line. And if that happens even Buffalo can win.

3. 'Matty Ice' is good, but he isn't the same away from his precious dome. Away from home he gets sacked more (holds the ball too long), throws more picks, and is less accurate. And Soldier Field sucks for any visiting team any time of year. So if Crybaby Cutler gets it together, Chicago has a shot. 

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My bad, I forgot that the Browns were being coached by  Mangina.

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I think Matt Cassel could have a broken arm and still beat the Bills.

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Er...I am pretty sure the Browns fired Eric Mangini and the head coach is now Pat Shurner

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Well now we can see what we learned this week. 

No saying teams suck, because every team I deemed as terrrible, won by at least 3 touchdowns. 

FratasticVoyage's picture

Well now we can see what we learned this week. 

No saying teams suck, because every team I deemed as terrrible, won by at least 3 touchdowns. 

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