Four Gamers In the Alleyway Ep. 2 - Ookie Cookie

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Rest in Peace Patrice O' Neil


Intro: Purity Ring - Lofticries

Outro: Rad Omen - Rad Anthem


  • Smiley Cyrus
  • Porn coming to Playstation 3.
  • Microsoft Screwing Skype up, as is tradition
  • Ookie Cookies - Basketball Hazing
  • Fratastic Hates Pokemon
  • Skyrim Glitches
  • Latest Minecraft Update
  • Nicknames: Where did ours come from?

Top Five:
Best Soundtracks/Sound Design of 2011

This weeks host: FratasticVoyage, rvbfreak, diksikle, and brodytits, (and joined mid-cast by special guest Zombenjamin

Johnny Lightning's picture

My roommate didn't believe me that 'ookie cookie' was a real thing. So thank you for validating my story of what a miserable game that really is...

Know what is awesome? Typing comments about a podcast, while listening to the podcast. It's so meta.

Solid podcast guys (so far...I am still listening to it). Keep them coming.

conboydude's picture

Crazy funny, I love it keep it up guys!!!

explicit_baron's picture

Great title for  the podcast. Is Diksickle English I kept noticing a small accent?

Diksickle's picture

@explicit baron - Yeah, i am english. 

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