Currently working on a potential 2 chimps theme song

I'm working on a 2 chimps themed music track and I should be getting an mp3 of it released before this weekend. I have a broadcast streaming of the production on a stickam  in case anyone is interested. 


link is:

It is what it is.

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Interesting. Best of luck to you and hope it turns out to meet Jan and Dawn's high standard.

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April 1, 2011 - 2:10am — FratasticVoyage

Even if it's true, I don't believe anything today.

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Well I'm live in my ghetto-fab studio right this moment, so you can believe what you will.

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Thanks to my dog's curiosity, my laptop/ghetto-studio is in need a new power cord. So theme song is on hiatus, but WILL happen.

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