Community Podcast Proposal

Since the inception of Two Chimps on a Davenport, I've always had moments where I have a thought to reflect on one of the various topics on Dan n John, (as well as R3b3l Ink's) podcasts. With my big boy job now, I'm just too busy or too lazy to type out a long composition, at the regret of not being able to connect with the WGG community.

Many of the sites' primary contributors have great and insightful opinions on the articles the write and topics they bring up, and I thought it would be great to put them all together, and just have good random video game discussion that takes place across the country.

In essence, I'm asking if anyone else is interested in doing a community podcast. If so, please post a reply in the comments section, or message me, and I will collaborate and organize a time that agrees with everyone.

Everyone has a voice and an opinion, but not necessarily the will to type out an extensive article on it. 

This would also be a great chance for the community to become more tightly knit.

Please let me know.

explicit_baron's picture

I've been wanting to do this for quite sometime but, the lack of friends prevented me from getting anywhere. Since you want to do it with the WGG community count me in.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

I would listen to it

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@explicit_baron, awesome dude. you were one of the main people I had in mind for the project, so it's awesome that you're on board. I definitely want to try and get Kowbel, ZomBen, brodytits, Semblance, rvbfreak, and brodytits on the first podcast, so if any of you guys are reading this, please message me, and we will get this off the ground.

If ANYONE else is serious about participating in this, please message me.

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Yeah man, I'm in.

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I'm not popular enough to be considered part of this all star cast I see...

FratasticVoyage's picture

Oh shit, I forgot about you Ares. I'll PM you my skype info. hit me up there

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