BIG trouble in little Skyrim town

Bethesda just recently released patch 1.2 for the PS3 version of Skyrim, changes were made that affected the Magic Resistance stat. When I say "affected," I mean that they completely broke Magic Resistance.

This means that EVERY weapon, apparel, and spell involving any sort of Magic Resistance is for the most part, useless. This royally screws you over if you're a Breton, a Nord, or a Dark Elf, as your normally given the race benefits of having resistances to different elements of magic. FURTHER, if you are playing a character with the ability to summon Atronarch's, your summoned Atronarch no longer has the ability to absorb element damage.

This ALSO means that every ward spell in the game (used to block magic attacks) will no longer have any effect.

As if that wasn't bad enough. Players are now posting instances of dragons flying backwards after patch 1.2 released.

Let's hope Bethesda fixes this ASAP.

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I wish they'd fix the biggest errors rather than someone showing up dead at your wedding occasionally...

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