A Sexy upcoming Multiplayer Combat Mech FPS from an indie dev.

Adhesive Games LTD, a new indie developer, has been working on a new Mech-based FPS called Hawken. The game utilizes the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. They just released their first gameplay footage video, and based on some of the gameplay seen in the video, the game looks like it could a fun distraction, and seems to be a cross of the better elements in Unreal, Tribes, and Mech Assault.

Thank god they didn't steal my title idea of Robo-Quake.

The link to their official site for Hawken is here

Adhesive Games LTD says they would like to put out their game onto PS3, XBOX 360, and PC. They also stated it would cost less than a game you'd normally buy for 60 bucks..

It looks like it could be a great DLC

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so its basically like a fps except in badass robot suits. Sounds pretty cool, it would also be awesome if they had some sick customization for your robot.

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