Foxfield Four - Money

Our friend made this awesome music video for 93.3's "Hometown for the Holidays" contest.

You can (aka should) register to vote for Foxfield Four here

David James Band (old band name) album on iTunes. This new song isn't available yet. 

Adam Page's picture

I've got to admit, that was pretty good. Dan stole the show for me, really got into the character.

JoesShittyOs's picture

Just gotta say Dan, that I deliver pizzas for my job and I still haven't even gotten the hang of taking the pizza out of the warmer sleeve like you did.


And fucking Jon.  You would take money from a church.

Mr Hat's picture

This video made my day, not only was it hilarious but the band was awesome! Going to register and vote for Foxfield Four right now...

ExplicitDQ's picture

Amazing video and music, Dan and John are very hilarious with their characters it's perfect.

Charlie Walker's picture

This video has put me in a good mood for the day now. Very smart concept of following the money. 

Both of you were great. Also loving the cheeky advertisement of the site at 0:50 with the beer koozie. 

Lazy's picture

That's some professional stuff right there.

swu's picture

What are you guys still doing here making these silly walkthrough videos? You guys could be making it big now out there.

Anyways, voted for your guys, and I can say that is a genuinely great production, you were both fantastic.

brodyitis's picture

I just gave the song props on the site that you linked. Great job with the video.

pfro's picture

Dan's face is priceless

explicit_baron's picture

Great fucking video it made my shitty day better, seeing Dan do a heel kick was awesome. Is this a precursor to Sweatpants Diaries Episode 5 :D

getrdun21's picture

Such a good song cant wait to buy it whenever and I thought that the characters fit you both the fact that Dan went to a strip club and John stole money from a church lol.

christothefirst's picture

Would have never heard this without you guys. Thanks.

NicksGamingHub's picture

LOL the kid picked up the poopy dollar

Milleniummaster18's picture

That was a pretty good video. Now you guys know what to do if you're out of a job: freelance acting! :D

Lazyscranton730's picture

Isn't the shot at 0:44 taking place in their backyard? A few seconds after that you see the blown to shit mannequin! That whole shot with the beer coozie is in their house too!

indi's picture

John looks like Lumbergh... umm yeah... pretty cool!

TurMoiL911's picture

Dan's facial expression at the strip club needs to become a common sight on here.

Ozay's picture

Dan looks remarkably like Jeff (Joker) in Mass Effect.  Nice acting though.

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