Feedback Needed for Halo Sparknotes!

After a month of careful research (playing the games and reading the books), we are proud to present the first rough draft of our Halo "sparknotes." So that Barnes and Noble doesn't sue our intestines out for copyright, we'll be referring to it as the Synoptic Sitrep. Maybe when B&N goes bankrupt we can use the name, but until then...

Anyways, here are all 8 games, 16 books, comics, movies, and more, all rolled into 16 pages of size 14 text. At least, that's what it was on Word. In order to not be so terribly dry and soul-crushing to read, it's been written in a more free flowing conversational format, as if a friend were recounting to you a story.

Where do you come in? Well, beyond the usual grammatical corrections here and there, please comment with any questions that you have about substantive story that was vague or needs more depth. Literally any question at all; we want this to be comprehensive.

When we have a final draft, we'll post this up on WikiGameGuides proper so that the larger community can enjoy and use the final work, with your name in the credits!

PS: Pictures are incoming. The monolith of text will be broken up. We promise.

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Nicely written. Your real world comparisons and general use of humor made me laugh several times and even I having only played Halo 1 on the PC know now what the story is all about. 

I would however delete any mention of pagenumbers.

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