Far Cry 3 Video Review

Our first video review! 

You can read the full written review for Far Cry 3 here.

As this is our first attempt at a genuine video review (not just a rambling Premature Evaluation), any constructive criticism or feedback is greatly appreciated. If another site or channel has a style to their reviews that you really like, let me know.

Text and narration by Josh Kowbel
Editing by me.

II RickyBFC II's picture

Good review and very well made, but if I were you I wouldn't put the rating in the video thumbnail, it might cause people to not bother watching it.

christothefirst's picture

This is great. Really the only thing I would suggest is to mention the score in the voice over instead of just the star count on the video.

Joe Harris's picture

For a first video it's good but there are a few things that I believe could be improved upon.

The first is the voice-over, it's very monotone and doesn't make me as excited about the game as I should be. Around the 2:30 mark is when this really started to niggle at my brain, 'I nearly jumped out of my skin...' etc. When telling a story it should be told with the feelings and emotions that go with the words, if you nearly jumped out of your skin you need to be trying to convey that in the voice-over, otherwise it's just words being read. If it's just words being read, the text review should be sufficient.

As a video review you have the advantage of sound and this should be used more effectively I feel.

A minor problem at the end of the video, the scoring display has a white background that perhaps should be transparent as I felt it obscured the video behind it unnecessarily and would give it a more professional touch.

I also agree with RickyBFC, the thumbnail shouldn't give away the score.

I do like how the style of the video is different to IGN and Gamespot etc. It helps to differentiate the site from those others and will perhaps garner some viewers through its differences.

Overall a good job for the first video review and hopefully the next one will be even better, nice to see the site branching out in different directions to provide the most game coverage possible.

13rownie's picture

i may be in the minority, but i enjoy the pointless banter.

Scumbagb3n's picture

You need to have some tits and long brown hair, like that IGN chick -(Jessica)?, that would really make this interesting. This is good though, and it's interesting to hear your voice.

mindistorion's picture

The review was well written the editing is good too, but as my first language is not english the voice was a little bit hard to understand, it sounded like if you were just reading the review and it didn't make me feel like I want to play the game, you should try to give more emotion when you review a video game using a video, the score should be showed at the last part and with some more design in my opinion. overrall for a first video review it was really good.

NoobSauceG7's picture

Good editing and narration.  I feel that you could be a little more enthusiastic while speaking but overall you had some good comments about the game.

erat's picture

Not bad. But i listened to the podcast earlier today, and you convinced me to buy the game. So i did, about an hour ago. Now i watch this review, and i'm totally dulled out.

Slooowww down. It sounds like you're reading a script. Which is fine, but you're very very monotone. Hit on a few key notes, cool things, differences between this game and FC1&2.Get excited, catch my attention, you rate the game 5 stars but it doesn't sound like you like it for 5 stars worth.

Make it sound more like how you guys were talking about it on the podcast, minus the foul language obviously haha. I'd like to hear excitement. I feel i don't watch enough reviews, but as someone who does not watch listen to reviews i would not listen to this one. In fact, the only reason i didn't cut it off after 30 seconds was because you asked for opinions. Maybe you're not supposed to bring personal opinion into a review (i'm not sure how this works) it also sounded like you were just describing the game. Instead of giving opinion. Then again, i really did blank out a few times completely unaware of any talking going on and just kind of watched the video.

Hopefully this helps a little. I see the comments are generally saying the same thing.

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I love tits as much as the next guy but for game reviews I don't buy it  when the reviewer is a (hot) chick.

SuperRedRonin's picture

I liked this review. It comes across precise, in depth, and professional with some personal touches. The only real problem is that it doesn't feel personal. You're going a bit too fast and monotone, but these are all easily fixable things. If  you can lock down a good rhythm and be clear, you'll have something great.

ccadem's picture

A really good first review, everyone's already touched on the whole script thing, which is true. It is very lackluster. Also, at around  7:25, you can see the cursor in the upper left hand part of the cut scene, and I want so badly to move it away. Maybe it's something I've never noticed in game review before, but little things like that can really irk some people. 

Josh Kowbel's picture

Keep in mind guys, this was our first video review. Neither I, nor John have done anything like this before. However, I am taking suggestions to heart. I knew my monotone would be an issue going in, and I really did not have time to write a new script, so I just read from the review. 

Mr. 2049's picture

I thought you did an amazing job Josh. A review is suppossed to be professional not extatic or angry like a drink along or first impression. Its a chance to give a calm and collected statement about the game and your honest opinions. I also found the video format to be much more appealing (though I know how much work you put into the text reviews as I also consider myself a writer), the scenes matched up perfectly to what you were talking about and the background music was in short delightful. Keep up the good work man, and I hope to start contributing soon once work and school slows. Very well done!

indi's picture

Pretty cool... I wish you would talk a little slower but then again English is not my first language.

Also some captions summarizing what you are talking about would be helpful.

indi's picture

Pretty cool... I wish you would talk a little slower but then again English is not my first language.

Also some captions summarizing what you are talking about would be helpful.

brodyitis's picture

The script for this video review was very well written. Its rhythm flow and overall structure really put you in the game. It is a script sounds worthy of Giant Bomb and the glory days of gamespot. I would however make sure that you have a proper orator to speak during the video. It may be possible that Dan or Jon could read the script if and when they are not to busy.

You have the hard part down when you have done the writing and editing. All you need now is voice inflection and annunciation. Great work.

indi's picture

I like Josh's voice for this 'technical stuff', just takes a little practice I guess.

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