Far Cry 3 Drink Along Part 1 (Day 11)

The beginning of a new Drink Along! Far Cry 3 on the PC.


For these Far Cry 3 Drink Along videos, I have the Swartz Mod Compilation installed.

If you have any other mods that I should check out for Far Cry 3, let me know in the comments!

Solifluktion's picture

John is definately the worst brother ever. No doubt about it.

Charlie Walker's picture

Damn that was funny.

It's the little things for me that set you two, and these Drink along's, apart from everyone else. Like the subtle trivial references, Johns mini rants about the Broncos, and Dans amazing ability to bring any conversation back to farts boobies and genitalia. 

Keep it up. :)

whateveritis12's picture

Think you're too inebriated and too distracted with other things which made the mission seem difficult.  Normal difficulty is really only difficult at the beginning when you don't have any powerful guns and when you're doing special hunt missions that have required weapons to use.

I went through that hole in the fence around back and was able to do it without being seen.

LenZeppel1n's picture

John, you should try to do all of the path of the hunter quests.  those were some of my favorites cause there was some good variety to it.

BR4D_F3163's picture

If all of your drink alongs were put into a March Madness type of tournament, this would be no lower than a 2 seed.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Dan is the most delightful drunk to listen to. I agree that a dinosaur mod would be incredible for this game. The developers would probably be okay with it but the publishers would probably laugh at the idea.

indi's picture

Far Cry 3 does not translate very well into a Let's Play imo. It's a great experience playing it but it's just not condensed enough to be interesting to watch.

Ballistic Berez's picture

The soundtrack for this game is amazing

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