FTL Faster Than Light Drink Along Part 4 (Day 14)

The epic conclusion to our best run through FTL Faster Than Light yet.


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That was awesome! Great video guys!

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to say the truth, I would love it if you guys keep doing FTL drink alongs.

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absolutely amazing game and I love these drink alongs, Top stuff!

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*Fires up Steam*

"Search: FTL"


*click purchase* :P after watching the drink along I must buy this game.

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Honestly love the game it's perfect Drink Along, I was really hoping they were going to finish the final boss. It's an incredible conclusion

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Well, now you need to find out how to get rid of the anti missile drone, because that was the thing that was blocking you the most during the second part of the boss battle.

I'm guessing the boss battle will be sectioned into wing, other wing, then hull. And perhaps you might get a surprise after that. Good run, guys. I enjoyed it as much as you did.

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Fantastic Drink Along, guys. It's amazing how much investment you can put into something looking so simple. I was bummed to see the boos battle play out like it did. As much I was liking the Far Cry Drink Alongs, I wouldn't be mad with more FTL Drink Alongs.

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Great drink along! If you should play again I have two recommendations: Breach Bomb II as a weapon and one of the ships has an artillery beam, both of which can not be blocked. Also there is a hull repair drone which is very helpful, however I did not get that one very often.

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Don't you guys know? The real name for games like LoL and DotA 2 is not MOBA, but ASSFAGGOTS.

Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides

PS, just watched the Far Cry 3 part 2 drink along which is why I'm late.

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i hope far cry 3 works soon i want to buy that game so bad

are you guys doing gta iv after far cry?

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I think they're doing Dead Space 3 after this one.

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VERY enjoyable; I was totally rooting for you guys. Fucking drone swarm cloud; weak. 

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Thanks for working overtime on this one fellas.  It was greatly entertaining!

And I'm excited to hear how you guys feel about Dead Space 3.  One of the main things I'm nervous for after playing the demo was the crafting aspect to the game.  Hopefully it's fun and worth spending the time to experiment with.

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Just purchased the game myself. Please make more FTL Drink Alongs! The game is awesome and watching you guys play is so much fun!

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The final battle is 3 parts and the second phase is the hardest in my opinion. You only have so many jumps to get to the ship before its an automatic game over. If you want a way to get past the drone shooting down your missiles you will need some type of burst laser. 

When you win there's nothing like it, my first victory was awesome.

Loved the drink along.

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I went to go buy FTL.

Every single game so far, I've has a sun before my first exit.

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There's an event where some Zoltan scientists will ask if they can run some tests on your ship and crew. If you have this pod, when you meet with these scientists, you can instead choose to allow them to inspect the pod.

From the pod:

You'll gain a new crewmember, who is of a race that preceeded the Rock people. He will ask you to embark on a quest near the Rock homeworld. He is sort of a cross between Rock and Human, and has a "Lockdown" ability that is unique.

Once you've completed this quest stage, you'll get another for the Rock Homeworld sector. If you've already passed this or don't have it on your route, you're out of luck. If you manage to finish this stage of the quest:

You will unlock the "unidentified cruiser" - the Crystalline Cruiser in the ship hangar.

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