FTL Drink Along (Day 30)

After an amazing turnaround, we manage to make it to the mothership!


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All Star Wars films have been released at the end of May, something like the Friday after the week of Lucas's BDay (May 14th?).  Everything I've heard about Star Wars VII is it's going to be set after ROTJ and will feature Han and Leia's kids. 

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you cant use missiles against the final bosses second stage, they got a drone that shoots down lasers and missiles. 

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The one time I've gotten to the final boss was in the Engi ship. I had a defense Mark II drone, a system repair drone, and a boarding drone (no crew teleporter required for it); Level 2 Oxygen, Crew Teleporter, and Health System; Level 3 shields; and 2 extra rockmen for boarding purposes.

The first phase of the battle ended up in a stalemate, I successfully boarded and disabled all of its weapons using small bombs, the boarding drone, and the rockmen (2 against 1 on an isolated weapon room, piece of cake). Then I ran out of missiles, and the drone deployed in a weapon room and didn't get destroyed, so it stayed there for the rest of the battle once it did its job. I couldn't penetrate through the ship's four shields with the meager laser I had, and attempting to board the main deck would turn out into fighting with one of the crew, then they would switch to another one while that one went to heal, until I had to recall the rockmen back.

I FTL'd out of that loop, and I didn't get a second chance, flagship got to the base on the next turn.

So yeah, boarding can work. You can then keep booby trapping the med bay once you start boarding the main deck. I wouldn't know if destroying the flagship's crew would end in a one phase win, but it's worth a try.

EDIT: No it isn't, AI takes over after that. How cheap. Thankfully I didn't have to experience that personally.

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Almost the same happened to me. I ported on the flagship, killed all Weaponguys but wasn't able to kill the remaining Crewmembers and my weapons couldn't penetrate the flagships shield.

 I like to think that I bought the fleet enough time to win the war.

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So close. That damn missile defense drone screws you guys every time.

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Something to note that is starting to get on my nerves is that whenever someone boards dan's ship most of the time they only open one of the airlock doors.   if you open all 4 located in the back, the air pretty much INSTANTLY evaporates and starts suffocating the enemy or fires immediately.   When you open only one the air leaves really slowly.  I find myself yelling at the computer screen to open more airlock doors whenever you have fires in like...5 rooms, or there are 4 dudes wrecking havoc and you guys are wondering why they aren't dying faster.  


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Mind that the second stage of the flag ship is the hardest. If I remember correctly, the way I won this was having pretty much all the features. Crucial in my opinion is to have 3 good weapons. Then you need to level up the shield and evading a bit. Also really helpful is 1 offense and 1 defense drone, which shoots down lasers and missiles. And a good push to have is to have the cloak ready when he releases this fuck load of drones.


And John, damnit, how the fuck can one forget like 36 times in a row, that Mantis (=insects) are the fighters and Engi (=engineers=robots) are the repair guys?^^

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The second phase is the hardest imo. Taking out the drone control wont stop it from spamming the drones, that's it special ability for the second phase. Missiles wont work on it because of their drone shooting it down every time. Boarding is hard to keep track of but it does help a lot. 

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The little lights along on the guns show how charged up they are. Long time no see by the way!

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The next time you play it use a mod. I used "The Lost Hunter.ftl" and beat the whole game for the first time without even fixing the ship. If you want to beat the game, this mod can do it since it is very overpowered

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