FTL Drink Along (Day 29)

How is such a simple game so addictive and difficult? This may be our worst performance playing FTL yet...


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on WikiGameGuides.com or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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Oh John, Its not the WORST performance of this game. Come on Dan is a little better at this game. No offense.

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It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.
-Captain Picard to Data.

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y not play with mods? or the profile editior that lets you oveload yourself with scrap and max out your ship?

the final boss is still hard even with all that cause you cant have infinite health

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Made an account just to say, freaking love when you guys play FTL.

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Sweatpants diaries, go-kart edtion coming soon!






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Gotta say, FTL make for one hell of a drink along because of how random (and evil) it can get. There are some pretty decent mods out there, aside from altering your ships and profile. I think the one I use is "Weaponanza" which adds a buncha guns (that may or may not be useful). The master page with all working mods is here:


Also, Munchkin is all about screwing over your friends and getting to level 10 first. If you've gotten a person at level nine killed with a high level enemy stacked with four bonus cards and it's twin and a random monster, then you've played Munchkin. It can get really rage inducing...

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At least this game does not have invisible fire.

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