StarCraft 2 - StarJeweled Beta - First Impressions

zolt's picture

If I get my hands on a SC2 copy I'll definitely check this UMS out.

PS. Glad you make so much content lately. Keep it coming!

Humankillerx's picture

Now I want to play this later. Asshole.

John Tarr's picture

Just doin mah job

explicit_baron's picture

the sound of the jewels comboing sounds like the sound effects in Inception. Whats the Push? lol

Pavan's picture

What a werid combo.

MrDudeMan's picture

you guys should do a DotA tutorialish sort of video. You always talk about how fun it is, then I try it and have no idea whats going on.

wogens10's picture

i can't find any of those good customs like StarJeweled and DotA in European servers :(

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