Dragon Age 2 Demo - First Impressions

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It says "when" in male mage and "whenever" in female mage lol.

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u press the bumpers to change characters or it just does it when your character dies in afight

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your brother dies if you are a rogue or a warrior because he is a similar class. your sister dies if your a mage because she's a mage. they make it so your party isn't full of the same type of people.

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Good call, I didn't notice that.

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I need this game to be good because i am bored

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I loved DAO. From the Demo DA2 looks like a lot of fun...but it's sooo different.....

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I'm so pumped for this!!

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so stoked for this to finally come out this week! Thanks for the video, guys.

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The deaths of eather the sister or brother depends on how u interact with them. if u are more nice to the sister your brother will be mor prone to being your rival and will have a better chance to die. that's at least what happend to me over several attempts

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The Tactics remind me of the Gambit system in FFXII.

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For the quick heal ability, you can heal multiple people in your squad without leaving the radial menu. All you do is hold down LT and use quick heal and then hit RB/LB and repeat.

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