Bulletstorm Demo and Crysis 2 Demo First Impressions

Bulletstorm Demo - First Impressions

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo - First Impressions

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Bulletstorm looks like borderlands with better graphics. And crysis 2 looks like a glossier call of duty with armor abilities.   

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I can't wait to download both games. I really like Crysis (if you have the rig to handle the immense gameplay) and I'd preorder Bulletstorm Epic Edition for the Gears 3 beta, but meh. Don't care =P

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Great work guys, funny as always! I hope you two continue to do these first looks, and I'm definitely looking forward to the unserious ridiculousness that will be Bulletstorm. Also, Bulletstorm is developed by People Can Fly, the Polish-based studio that developed Painkiller. Epic Games actually has very little to do with the game except advertising. There is an achievement in the game for executing every skillshot as well.

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u can collect dog tags off of dead enemies by walking over where they died: that is what it mean by collected 0 times

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what is the difference between wikigameguides and nextgenwlkthroughs?????

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WikiGameGuides will be replacing NextGenWalkthroughs

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