BulletStorm First Impressions

BulletStorm - First Impressions - Part 1


BulletStorm - First Impressions - Part 2

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For the Echoes mode, the weapons that are available to you at the beginning of each Echo are the ones that were available during that specific part of the campaign.

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I already posted this in another thread, but I'll just cut n' paste here.

I was skeptical about the game at first, thinking it was another FPS trying to be another FPS. I felt like it would be the same as any other shooter out there. But in this, it's so unique. You are rewarded with points to spend on ammo, guns, Chargeshots, etc. for killing enemies in bizarre ways besides shooting them to death. It's so fun and unique, but is it worth buying? No. It may be a completely different shooter, but if it had an incredible story and an ACTUAL multiplayer, I'd buy this without hesitation.

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