2 Chimps Ep. 69 - Super Munchkins

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Great Podcast, love the Mortal Kombat song , but thats from the movie not the game.

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Gears of War 3 is my most anticipated game of this year. It seems Epic Games really want to make a truly memorable shooter, and they might just pull it off with all the feedback they encourage from the community.

Mortal Kombat looks to be a surprise hit this year though despite the hype it's receiving from the fans. I played the demo yesterday and it feels just like the originals. The last fighting game I owned was Soul Calibur II, but I look forward to adding Mortal Kombat to my collection. Sure, each character may only have two fatalities at the moment, but there's no reason they couldn't add more later as DLC.

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How John and Dan, have you heard that 343 Studios is overseeing a Halo: CE updated re-release scheduled for November, and if so, will you make a guide for it?

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The Anderson for Elliot trade screwed the Avs over. Against the Oilers, the worst team in the NHL (and my team), he's let in 9 goals on 50 shots. 

The lockout was in 2005, and the Avs' dynasty team was definitely dismantled by the cap. When integral parts of your team like Forsberg and Blake is let go, it's a franchise changing move. 

Two-line passes were allowed after the CBA btw.

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Meh, the Avs were on the decline since losing Saint Patrick, the lockout had nothing to do with it.  Great podcast.

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I think you sould bitch about killzone 3 while you are playing the multiplayer because that's when you get mad the most. Also you forgot to mention about Elder scrolls V which is coming out in 11.11.11

P.S have you ever thought of becoming a comedian dan

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Was the MK demo worth $50, I've never heard Dan so excited for a game. Since you guys are getting an Ipad2 get a ps3 emulator to make a Killzone 3 walkthrough in the summer when he gets bored hehe.

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Why do I get the feeling that the Killzone 3 playthrough will only be watched by 360 fanboys who get off on hearing anything anti-PS3?

Am I the only one missing the good old days when we are all gamers and not separated into armed camps?

But whatever, nice podcast anyway.

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Good luck with your surgery :)

Nice Podcast. The length is perfect in my opinion :)

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Awesome podcast. Really related to the nose picking :)

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You should video tape dan coming home from surgery, and put stuff in front of him.

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Another nice podcast from the best chimps in the world.  Most of the things you talk about usually gets my brain working.  In this case I was thinking about a great way to fix the killstreak phenomenon that is permeating in most multiplayer games now.  I'm hoping to post something on the website about it - unless I completely forget about it while working on Java projects.


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Awesome podcast, John and Dan. I had an a idea for them killstreaks, too. Don't know if it's good or not, but an idea nevertheless.

My idea is intended to kind of balance the match by not only giving offensive killstreak rewards, but defensive assistants, as well. Like, if one team is dominating the match, they'll have the usual offensive rewards, but then the game will offer the losing team some defensive aids in order to prevent or at least reduce the number of deaths in their team until that team manages to catch up and turn the table or whatever. Or, maybe have the winning team be rewarded with defensive ones while the losing team gets offensive ones so they have more chances to get kills.

Of course, there's always the problem of guys purposely losing just to get those rewards....But anyway, that's my idea. Don't have any ideas as to what those defensive assistants are though.

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Had almost managed to forget about the Arsenal's poor showing in the Carling Cup and vs Barcelona. Who would have thought a 2 chimps podcast would bring all the hurt flooding back. John, at least you didn't go all the way to Spain to watch the football lesson. Was a pretty quiet flight home. Cheers lads! Love the new site and newly discovered podcast, gives me something to do in my lunchhour other tan talk to my co-workers. Looking forward to Bioshock infinate coming out, this year hopefully....

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The elder scrolls 5 no doubt my favorite game this year

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You guys do LPs I will totally watch them.  I really enjoy it when you guys just play and talk even when it's not a guide .  I think it's a fantastic idea, I wonder though if you guy's would be brave enough to do a game just to ridicule it.  Looking forward to the Killzone 3 LP :)

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As always good talking to hear from you...


I have been wondering... You guys always go on about Churches and shit and I can totally agree to it. But have your parents raised you to be like cathlic...

Well what I'm trying to say is when you were growing up were you being raised to believe in god?

(Not adressed to a specific one of you... Be nice if everyone in the room answer)

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Jon`s future:

Jon`s white ass butt-naked sitting down on the sidewalk with a piece of cardboard asking anyone passing by for spare change. Consequently the people he annoys then proceed to pepper spray him.

Dan`s future:

Dan`s white ass butt-naked lighting up a joint inside of a dumpster. Consequently Dan catches super aids.

Unless you guys market your ASSES off, this will befall you. You guys need to collaborate with your most popular partners (in this case it will be Machinima or IGN) and produce some fucking nice content so more people will notice you. You have the website, and you have the content. Now, all you need are the viewers. So get your butt-naked white asses up, and market yourselves. Also you guys need to be more consistent.

p.s. This is purely my opinion from a consumer stand-point.

p.p.s. Jon`s a little bitch.

p.p.p.s. You guys should add a check-list of games/guides that you want done as a benchmark for the contributors. 

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I think they already have a agreement with IGN and Machinima but they just choose not to give them ALL their content since: they already have a steady base for it. I don't think they get a lot of money from their vids with them (can be wrong). And you should cut them some slack: they have been working their asses off building the site+ they aim to let us make the walkthroughs and not them, that means that we own the content but they make money out of it with page-loads etc. 

But on another note: I think you guys should consider making this podcast once every 2 weeks because if you do them every week nowadays it makes them less good: not many news, guests only every other week.

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