Everything You Need to Know About the Call of Duty Championships

The Call of Duty [trademark]: Black Ops 2[trademark] Championship Presented by Xbox[trademark] take place this weekend. In order to not look like a noob, here's a handy list of everything you need to know.

1. "eSports" "athletes"

While the definition of "athlete" includes the words "exercise," "sports," or "games requiring strength, agility, or stamina," the commentators will probably call the players "athletes." Also, competitive gaming is "eSports" and you had better not forget it. esportsepsortsesports

2. Teenagers

Most of the players this weekend are pimply faced teenagers who have no real responsibilities and are able to compete because they literally have nothing better to do with their time than play Call of Duty

3. Everybody loves Optic

Optic Gaming is perhaps the most well-known team playing this weekend, and the whole MLG Dallas event was incredibly biased towards them. There was even a break when one of the MLG guys was trying to get us to buy Optic Nadeshot shirts.

Speaking of Optic Nadeshot:

Pimples: check. Teenager: check


4. Teams are not really playing for $1 Million

Activision and Microsoft will be hyping the $1,000,000 tournament all weekend, but the first place prize is really $400,000. The eighth place team walks away with $25,000. After taxes, each team will walk away with something like $60 each.

5. Weapon and Perk Restrictions

There are tons of weapon, attachment, scorestreak and perk restrictions. No SMAWs, no bouncing betties, no claymores, no Ghost. Treyarch is practically telling us all that everything that's banned is bullshit and shouldn't even be in the game.

6. Call of Duty Isn't Very Exciting

I watched a ton of the MLG Dallas event and realized that Call of Duty isn't very fun to watch. Game modes like Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag are way too slow and take forever to finish. The map selection was also terrible. Watching players using Lightning Strikes had me wishing I was watching competitive Halo.

7. Halo is Better Than Call of Duty

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people still play call of duty?

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I agree that competitive Halo is much better, although Halo 4 is kind of BS because you can get score streaks dropped in like the shotgun which allow you to rape shit without as much effort as say, fighting for the sword/rocket spawn. The whole game is on a more even field and requires much more skill to be a good player, and I encounter far fewer nine-year-old-bitch-ragers on Halo.

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The one thing you need to know about the CoD Championships:  They exist.

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I still think Starcraft is the only game that is even remotely worthy of the eSport title.

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Starcraft is an excellent example of what an eSports title is but I also think some moba games can fit the fold, Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth can be seen as eSports however League of Legends most certainly isn't. Anybody can become good at that game as it is a VERY simplified version of other mobas.

Recently I've been seeing streams of this game called Smite which looks to be like the next step towards competitive play.

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Brian must have some sort of personal vendetta, his last post was a COD trolling too. Trolling COD is too easy and too worn out. Try something new.

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@dalton  I've got something different for next time.

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halo 4 campaign was alright. Thanks to Microsoft they're killing Master Chief, because bungie said "the game was dead and we no longer want to do it anymore". So Microsoft said too bad we own the name Halo and Master Chief and brought 343 "in". Which lead Bungie to Sony.

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