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MC Wacker's Preview

The game that seems to be one everyone’s mind this coming autumn. Dice’s explosive shot back into the shooter genre. After 2010’s misfire with Medal of Honor, can Battlefield 3 take back the par set so high by Call of Duty? After numerous hours with the preview, I think I can answer that in two words. Hell Yes.

The Battlefield 3 Beta was just released on origin last Thursday. With the initial server hogging all finally seemed to click together as Battlelog got up to speed. Speaking of which, Battlelog, EA’s answer to Call of Duty’s Elite premium service, is one of the reasons that PC gamers have been upset over what is referred to as the multiplayer king’s reputation. Battlelog is clunky at the best of times and at the worst, downright unusable, I was not only greatly disappointed by DICE’s move on this as I was shocked. Why anyone would think that having a video game’s menu system inside a web browser is FAR beyond me.

However, I cannot complain about the server browser all day. When I finally got into my first match, I was breath taken, the visuals in this game, are simply breathtaking. I was once again soon disappointed. I saw my FPS and immediately went into the menu to turn them down to the high setting. Satisfied I had a look through the menu system. While only accessible while being deployed, is usable, but that seems to be the highest compliment I can give it. It is a menu. Once in game I started to notice once again how beautiful this game is. Even on the high setting these look fantastic. Details are around every corner. The lighting is especially stands out to, shoot an RPG down a tunnel and see the tunnel light up from the fiery explosion. The fixed lighting is also nothing short of perfection, go up to a subway car and watch a teammate walk by. Every inch of his body will be projected onto the subway can in full detail. Stunning, simply stunning.

Eventually I got around to trying to actually play the game. Once again, you can tell this is a battlefield game. The gameplay is top notch, the controls are easy to get a hang of but hard to utilize all the gadgets you are given. If you are not used to a faster paced play, like Call of Duty, Brink or Medal of Honor, then you most certainly will not be at home. The classes while all different in gadgets are all very similar. As this is a beta there is really no use for the engineer class for the simple fact that there are not any vehicles. Which brings me to biggest complaint for the game, or beta at least, there is no vehicles. In a Battlefield Beta, a series which is famous for its vehicular combat is lacking vehicles. It really makes no sense to me or anyone who I’ve spoken with about the game.

That said, it is almost necessary for there to be no vehicles for the only map in the beta to work. The beta map is called Operation Metro, it is an infantry based map in Paris France. The only game mode playable is Rush the ever popular mode from the Bad Company series. As per usual there are a number of stations you must plant a bomb at in order for you to progress onto the next. I’ve always loved Paris and feel even though not highlighting the Battlefield gameplay we’ve all learned to love, I can still appreciate the map.

The sound design also smashes it out of the park once again, using studio headphones with a high-end audio card, it sounds like I am in the middle of a full scale modern war. From soldiers shouts in pain to pointing out enemy positions the voice acting seems to have hit the mark once again.

All of this together is why I LOVE the new Battlefield 3 Beta and why it has fast overtaken all of the games that I was hyped for this year. I’ll see you on the battlefield soldier, both now, and October 25th when the game’s full release is.


Franchie's Preview

Battle-Field 3 Beta: First Impressions
Well with November nearly upon us and the influx of new games on the horizon DICE released their "Battle-Field 3: Open beta" today. Judging from the fact that I have only played a little of 1942 and a good amount of Bad Company 2 I assumed that this game would be a good final introduction for the Battle-field series for me so I decided to hop right in a few days after its launch (of course stupid old me didn't remember to pre-order it).
Let's get started...

Graphics: Going into the beta, I wasn't really expecting too much of an improvement graphic wise in the game; However I did, in fact, notice some neat improvements from its predeceasing games. First thing I noticed was the lighting; even though I usually don't pay too much attention to graphics I was generally impressed with what the Beta had to offer. The choice of map really does flaunt the graphics that the game has improved on with different forms of underground, natural, and urban layouts giving a pretty varied feel to the game. I did however run into some serious issues with the game. First of all the regular menu just does not work unless you have your character spawned in the game. I get that there aren't really enough buttons on controllers these days so some actions have to be combined with a similar button but for the love of god the console gamers actually get a menu the least they could do is offer us some way to easily control the game without having to be in a match 24/7. The graphical glitches like clipping into certain entities is mostly acceptable but with the ability to prone in the game, I find myself many times just running to the objective and going into prone only to phase through the map. Then I get killed and my ragdoll floats in the air and glides across the map in slow motion. I would have less aggressiveness towards this problem if it didn't happen every 2 minutes. Other than the constant graphical flaws the game looks very well and the new animations added to the gameplay really help with getting me submerged in the games world.

Story: As of right now all I can get is that you sometimes play as Americans or rebel looking dudes and shoot each other whilst trying to blow shit up.

Gamplay: So I got the game started, was able to get it to run well, and not crash every 5 goddamn minutes and I even managed to get into a game with my friends. What happens first you ask? I die... But at this point with games that's the first thing that usually happens to me. So after I look at the key bindings and finally understand what the fuck I'm doing, I run out into the battlefield and attempt to shoot some human beings. For the most part the gameplay is pretty solid, but I don't really feel any different than if I was just playing Bad Company with prone attached to the game. I guess I may be pre-judging it but considering that they're both the same series of games it's basically expected for it to take a lot of hints from its past. As soon as I get to jump into the cockpit of a jet and fly 3000 miles per hour straight into a unsuspecting group of 4 year olds that got the game with their rich Caucasian parents vast majority of money and blow them into a 50 foot crater of little boy organs I think I could find my happiness in the game. Gunplay is pretty much what we've come to expect from battlefield games, open maps with plenty of running sacks of meat that make a little series of 4 lines appear whenever I press the left click button over them. Iron sights do exactly what iron sights do, make the game feel realistic, and block 90% of the fucking screen. Maybe I just have a bad outlook on realistic shooters these days but if I'm going to play any realistic shooter it might as well be Battlefield because it's probably the best there is right now.

Conclusion: Is the Battlefield Beta worth downloading? Well that depends on if you like good first person shooters. If you do then go ahead and play DICE's newest point and click adventure game for removing entities with red names by holding down a button. If you don't like good first person shooters than either realize that the way the market is going its basically the only genre people rave about these days or play and game in the Call of Duty Series.


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On this site it's more like a fifth look, but who's counting. Seriously though, nice article. Some images would have been nice to break up the text, but it's ultimately not necessary.

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Thanks for the tip brody. I'm still learning so I can't be perfect right off the bat!

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