Will games become movies in due time?

       We all know games have evolved through time in every way. They have become more climactic  and story driven, but one day will the gaming industry just put the controller and motion sensor down all together? I don't know if this will happen, but They're showing that as new technological resources are made they are willing to sell it to us as the best thing ever. So what's stopping them from furthering games to be more like Heavy Rain and L.A Noire, the fast answer for this is noting.

      Heavy Rain has revolutionize the gaming world for it's deep story, and game play or lack there of. The game had a slight review split, some people thought it was amazing, but a minuscule percentage thought it was okay. The game has a very crime drama feel, and was a lot like a movie that had multiple endings. Heavy Rain really is a movie if you're not playing it. So why not make more games like it that would probably be as much of a cash cow as  Heavy Rain was?

       L.A Noire is a lot like Heavy Rain in the sense that it is a very story driven game. It is quite  famous for its amazing facial animation. The acting was very well done in every sense, so why not make it a movie if your trying so hard to make a game look like real life. I mean, I get that Rockstar is a gaming company, and all, but they could have so easily made it a movie. Meaning games like this should just be movies from the start. Even the Great Dan Broadbent said "It's like a fucking movie!"

       This all means that games are evolving into movies. To point that you might question why even call them video games, how do you know they will? Maybe games will just be terminated, and forever lost 

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Games should be games and movies should be movies. This strange cross breeding that companies are trying is not working. Either financially or critically.

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The day that games become movies is the day that we stop gaming, since they won't be games anymore. There's little sense in making them into movies as the entire point of gaming is interacting with the game world and affecting how events play out, I don't want to put the controller down because I feel that this form of media is only going to get better.

Sure, some parts of gaming suck atm (companies nickle and diming us with shitty DLC and cash grabs, way too much emphasis on sequels, multiplayer being shoe-horned into nearly every game), but for the most part it's probably our most valuable form of entertainment.

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