E3 2013: First Few Days of Photos

A bunch of photos from the first few days of wandering around LA, the Polygon party, a few press conferences, and the WikiGameGuides team.


The Grand Canyon on the flight from Denver to LA


Outside the convention center at E3 with Josh Kowbel.


A rather large collection of Media badges. Notice I actually have two badges for the show.


Waiting in line outside the Polygon party and open bar.

From left to right: Dan Broadbent, Dr Jesse aka the camera guy for the event, Brian Majurinen aka br1zzo, Josh Kowbel, John Tarr aka me.


Shots from our seats at the EA press conference (top left), Xbox press conference (bottom left), and a shot of a large Titan outside the EA event.


A much better photo of the Titan.


Waiting before the EA press conference.


Drake showed up at the EA event for some reason to talk about why he likes FIFA.

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