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I have 25 Xbox 360 games, I have 3 CoD games. I play them 99.98% of the time I'm on my Xbox. But today I have finally vowed to not get caught up in all the hype about MW3. Granted, I will buy it, but only for the campaign and spec op modes. I wanted to work on expanding on genres that I've never really played before. Like Final Fantasy, Dragon's Age, and the new Skyrim. And that's something I'm gonna need to start doing if I wanna do this guide-making thing. I want to get lost in the story, something that I haven't done since Uncharted 1 & 2.


As I previously just mentioned about doing me guide-making, I will be getting a Hauppauge HD PVR at the beginning of November. I want to cover Skyrim as one of my first HD guide. I was searching around for video guides of Oblivion and found almost nothing. I can't say the same for Black Ops... I want to cater this guide as one of my best. So don't be expecting videos up the day it hits the stores. I don't know for sure if Dan and John will be covering Skyrim, cause I have seen comments in some blogs and forums, but I didn't see anything confirmed about it. It will take me a VERY long time to complete but I don't reason to rush it out like I did with Gears Of War 3 (thinking being the first out would make a difference, I was wrong). Gears 3 was a commentary-less mess of videos I put out that I'm not 100% happy with looking back now. So now, with my quest to a beautiful guide. I will have a pure voice-over of my gameplay (as long as my equipment will listen).

With said, I would like to get some feedback from you guys about some knew franchises I should consider taking a look at. All of your ideas will be considered and I don't plan on buying anymore games until 2012.

P.S. If you would like to follow my Skyrim guide, you might want to subscribe to my channel at Not saying you have to, just if your interested in seeing it.

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I laughed when I saw the Skyrim banner. Well done.

P.S maybe I won't have to make a written guide after all. Best of luck to you.

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