Drink Along: The Simpsons: Hit and Run Part 4 (Day 7)

The Simpsons bible arrived! And this game has started to get surprisingly difficult if you're not trying very hard.

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Hey Dan since you've been watching some new Simpson episodes lately I was wondering what you think of the new title sequence?

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There is actually already a book called "The Bible According to the Simpsons"

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Mike Sko-tia. lol.

BrutalZealot's picture

is that zap branagen on the billboard by the casino.

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John continues to sing, despite saying he'd stop.

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It only gets more difficult and the final mission is very tedious.

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"Shut uuuuuuup"

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Alright, this Drink Along made me start watching all the old Episodes for the first time in ages.

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I hear "gay mon" every time you sign off, like a Jamaican is saying it.

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Hey Dan and John I'm a little behind on all the Drink Alongs but I'm glad you guys still have time to do fun things to entertain the community. As the site grows  I hope you guys still do Drink Alongs and read comments etc and don't turn into corporate shills. 

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