Drink Along: The Simpsons: Hit and Run Part 3 (Day 5)

Wallowing in depression after the Broncos loss, we play more of this classic Xbox game.


Thanks again doubledare100 for sending us this game!

LenZeppel1n's picture

Wow, the graphics are reminding me exactly of the Treehouse of Horror episode that has the portal behind a bookshelf to the third dimension matrix thingy, which eventually led Homer to the real world.  Now I need to watch that episode.

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

Lisa always ruins everything. 

christothefirst's picture

If you go to Lincoln High School here in Portland you can find where Matt Groening drew Bart in the sidewalk.

Mango's picture

There is a secret vehicle in every level the first one was a rocket car which you drove by multiple times.

donuthead7310's picture

Lisa's level isn't as awful as you think it's going to be.  Also, you can go back to being Homer or Bart using the level select.  Check out some of the outfits you missed!

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