Drink Along - The Simpsons: Hit and Run Gameplay Part 1 (Day 3)

doubledare100 sent us a copy of The Simpsons: Hit and Run for the Xbox a while back for a Mailbag Monday segment. THIS GAME IS GREAT WHY HAVE I NEVER PLAYED IT BEFORE???

I tried to add our webcam picture-in-picture for this session, but the video was completely FUCKED and was way out of sync with the mics. Hopefully I can get it figured out soon...

TAKE A DRINK. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game.

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While not much is better than seeing you two getting wasted while playing games, maybe you could mix it up by playing one of these?


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Finally The Simpsons Hit and Run Drink Along! I forgot how good this game is, need to find my PS2..





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doubledare has been hounding you to play this game, great title.

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Shut up Ben, you sent them Singularity and haven't hounded them on that. But whatever, I'm happy that they are playing it. But it sucks as well because i moved this past week and have no Internet, so i watched it at my parents house and it was awesome to watch them play even though they missed a lot of collectibles but it was still fun to watch.

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This game is one of the few games i will play my ps2 again for. It is so awesome.

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Had this on PS2 back in the day, brings back good memories. You get to play as Marge, Bart and Lisa after completing Homer's set of missions. In a different part of the city as well, though I think Marge stays in same part as Homer, can't remember.

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I sent them that game but apparently they can't play it because it's locked to my part of the world, I wish they would buy a copy and play it, it's a great game. :)

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@Ben that comment wasn't suppose to be nasty or anything it was suppose to a jokingly shut up. Comments make it hard to do that.

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"have you ever fucked a cardboard tube filled with microwaved kleenex" one of the funniest things John has ever said

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