Drink Along: Surgeon Simulator 2013 Part 1

Surgeon Simulator 2013 DRINK ALONG with an actual surgeon. I wouldn't trust Jesse to be my surgeon even if he was completely sober.

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The Part 1 in the title makes me so excited for more. 

a.curious.kiwi's picture

oh, man, this was hilarious.

I can't believe you guys forgot to give the patient the middle finger. also, I think some of the floppy disks in the main menu have helpful info (e.g. where to cut, what the needles do, etc.).

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Give Trisha a call!

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Diazepam is some strong stuff, my dad got it prescribed once. He took one pill and was sleepy for the next 2 days.

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Seems legit.

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Jess is either a murderer or a terrible Doctor. I believe he's both. lol

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Thoroughly enjoyed this one fellas. Have you guys ever had Staggering Elk?

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I've had a few heart surgeries done on me, and this absolutely terrifies me.  As for the length, I've been told that the last one took 13 hours.

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