Drink Along Livestream Tonight! 10EST

Join us tonight as we record Slender: The Arrival Beta for Friday's Drink Along.





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I played this beta earlier this week and really enjoyed it. Lots of improvements over the free version. Really looking forward to its full release. Looking forward to you guys playing it!

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I hope John shits his pants, and Dan better make that happen.

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I really enjoyed the stream. Thanks. First opportunity to watch a stream from you ever.

Espero que no el ultimo.

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John pussied out after an hour, jeez. Ah well, the other 2 hours were fuckin' great. Also, yay for more livestreams!

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Enjoyed this drink along. Question: If the game gets harder for each letter you pick up, would it be a good strategy to find but not pick up all of the letters first, plot your route, and then run around and grab all the letters once you know where they are?

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Amazing stream, three unique games (expect FTL because most of us know how cool that one is) in one drink along in extremely awesome including the frustration of Antichamber. It seemed as though you were playing almost all the aspects of good drink-alongs . Hopefully you guys can find a way to play Co-op for Dead Space 3, that may fix the computer crash and create new problems from your Xboxs.

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Great video but the audio quality needed work. You should designate Fridays specifically for livestreams

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a drink along of the scp game would be awsome

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You guys should do a harlem shake video.

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