Drink Along Hiatus! Back in 3 Weeks

We're taking some time off to let our livers rest! Dan and I are going to be travelling separately for the next few weeks and will not be posting any new Drink Along videos till Monday, April 29th.

I will still be reachable by email/twitter/etc and will be checking the site every day, but new posts from the 2 Chimps will be limited.

Game On!


P.S.  You can find all of our old Drink Along videos here on WikiGameGuides.com or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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You guys deserve the time off. I look forward to hearing about your trips when you guys get back!

Charlie Walker's picture

Thanks for the heads up. 

Josh Kowbel's picture

Smart move. I took an abrupt absence from writing reviews for the past two weeks, but now I am ready to spread my words to the masses once more.

Lazy's picture

Good luck on your trips. Have fun.

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Have fun guys do something extreme! Just don't get herpes.

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When you guys get pissed off you guys should buy wwe 13 and duke it out

BrandonoftheKhan's picture

Appreciate you guys letting us know

Red_Baron2011's picture

I hate to sound critical but what exactly are you guys taking a vacation from?

hilikus's picture

Life as a chimp must be hard.

Solifluktion's picture


Chimpin' ain't easy.

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Maybe you guys should post a list of stuff you're gonna do Drink Alongs of when you return. Just a thought. Very much looking forward to more FTL as well as Organ Trail! I haven't watched any Organ Trail gameplay yet so I hope that will be good. Anyways yeah you guys have been keeping up with your schedule so definitely a very well deserved break, looking forward to the return and keep up the great work.

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Enjoy the time off.

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I'm glad you guys are chillin' on vaca's hopefully you'll have a lot to talk about on the next podcast its been awhile. Looking forward to many guides and Drink - Alongs.

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No drink alongs for three weeks for me is like a heroine addict waiting for 3 weeks for his next high

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GAH! I'm jonesing for more Bioshock Infinite Drink Along!

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