Drink Along - FTL: Faster Than Light Part 2 (Day 2)

Will we avenge the untimely death of Carl by outruning the fleet and taking out the mothership in FTL: Faster Than Light?

TAKE A DRINK. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game.

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It hurts to watch John murder his whole crew with Dan telling him what's the right thing to do. Very entertaing though.

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I'm glad these are keeping the promises ( sort of, a little soon) but anyway congrats to John for being a horrible captain.

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I personally agonize over the parts where he's spending time targeting parts of the enemy ship but there are enemies boarding and killing off his crew.

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Yeah, I do not think that playing this game without pausing is a good idea. Rather I would like to see you guys talk some strategy when it gets difficult.

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The worst part was when two enemies teleported into the airlock and John failed to vent them into space.

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This was so much better than part 1. Take some more drinks for John being a stubborn asshole and getting everyone killed.


As for Friday, I think you should move on to another game. You got destroyed, so mark it as a game over and move on.

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Out of booze... smoke along  :) mice to see you have stuck to this so far.

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The whole time I'm laughing as John's crew is getting wrecked by invaders. Best part of video games are when you just get absolutely demolished by the computer makes for some great laughs

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This had near Portal 2 cringe worthy moments and it made for a frustratingly entertaining drink along. Well done.

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there are some good FTL mods like a mass effect stracraft and othe rfun things you can also edit your continue save and super overpower your ship with supplies uprgades and unlock all 18 ships oh and you can turn off the rebel fleet chasing you 

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So you hate Mexicans, ese?

You hate on our cerveza, but you like our comida rapida? Vato loco.

In all seriousness, though. Tecate and Carta Blanca would not blow the socks off a German in Oktoberfest, but at least they beat our most international beer out there: Corona *shudders*

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Luckily Corona is fucking expensive here in Germany so most people can avoid it.

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lol this Drink Along was extremely enjoyable to watch. Coincidentally enough, Steam put FTL on sale this weekend for $5, so that's where most of my Friday and Saturday has gone -.-

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best drink along evvvvveeerrr !

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