Drink Along: FTL: Faster Than Light Part 1 (Day 1)

Join BeerBaron, ExplicitD and Carl as we venture into SPACE.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game.

swu's picture

Thank Jebus! A new Drink Along! It's been far too long.

doubledare100's picture

Still waiting for the Simpsons Hit and Run Drink Along.

This was entertaining and doing it 3 times a week will make the week go by very fast

Mr. 2049's picture

Great drink along guys, honestly one of the most entertaining you've done. I found myself on the edge of my seat and yelling "JOHN HEAL YOUR CREW!!" at the monitor more than once lol. Just remember if this is a drink along come up with some more rules before hand maybe? I'm still pretty sober and that is not ok :P

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Taking a sip of real anejo tequila for every drink- nice drink along, first one for a while.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

I wonder how long John and Dan will keep this up before they fall behind on making these.

indi's picture

Super fun to watch, the game makes you really feel like you are along for the ride.

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@doubledare100 Check back on Friday for Simpsons: Hit and Run!

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Probably the most important upgrade you can get, short of shields level two, is another level of doors. Another level of blast doors means you can drain oxygen faster for putting out fires, and it means that when people invade your ship, they will have to break the doors before they can get through.

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SOOO glad that the drink alongs are coming back!!!

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@John Tarr Woooo, but like i said before, I gave it to you guys for whenever you want to play after the big game releases. Im still excited for you guys to play it, but if it takes a while then it will take a while no big rush.

LenZeppel1n's picture

I hate to say this, cause I'm sure this game is incredibly fun if for whoever plays it, and John and Dan kept the fantastic commentary going, but I was a little bit bored during this drink along.  Please forgive me for this, John and Dan, I know you guys are still the best.

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This game is so awesome. You sit down, play for like 5 minutes and suddenly 3 hours have gone by.

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@LenZeppel1n I, respectfully, disagree. For a game that I knew nothing about and somewhat expected to be boring, I became surprisingly invested in what would happen with each jump and was hoping the drink along would go on for another hour. Different strokes and all that.

LenZeppel1n's picture

@SuperRedRonin I understand, I didn't expect anyone to agree with me.  I did eventually become invested, but it's probably just that watching the game is not as exciting as playing the game.

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