Drink Along: Dead Space 3 CO-OP Demo

Today we play through the Dead Space 3 demo we saw last June at E3 2012.


Thanks br1zzo for the early access code!

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Maybe it interests you but if you pre-order Heart of the swarm (expansion for SC2) on battle.net you'll get a beta code for the multiplayer.

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Great drink along as always guys and glad you showed carvers side as I have yet to play the demo co-op and wanted to see what changed. Also wish you guys would've messed around in the crafting room more. The seeker rifle/javelin gun combo and force gun/rivet shotgun combo are my two favorites so far. I also recommend doing a slow wide plasma cutter on the top and fast firing on the lower tool, that way you can fire slow damaging shots when they're far and spam fast shots when they're close without reloading 

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The plasma cutter with a shotgun would be cool. As long as the plasma cutter is sideways.

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Good show. I didn't know that there was an early release for the demo.

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So are ammo and health drops independent for both players in a co-op game? Also, did you guys feel the difficulty scaling? I'm fairly certain Visceral released a statement saying the difficulty does scale for cooperative games, but you two breezed through the drill fight. 

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"Carver is voiced by actor Ricardo Chavira and also modeled his likeness." 

that means player two is Hispanic. one point to Dan.

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The weapon creator thing is not for me just give me my plasma cutter some nodes and a bench lol.

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I did not notice any difficulty scaling

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