Drink Along: Darksiders Session 2

In the year of our lord 20 dickety 2, we return with another Darksiders Drink Along!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

I have to agree with Dan, I love pissing people off on purpose. It's so satisfying watching them slowly cave in to anger!
I guess it's only rewarding to the person who is annoying the shit out of everyone and no one else seems to find it funny at all.
Good drink along as always!

GuardianJosh's picture

It pisses me off SO much when I know how to solve this shit and you don't.

imthatoneguy's picture

have you tried standing still to execute the power swing.

ExplicitDQ's picture

Hit one button to solve your video game problems.

ZestfulClown's picture

You should play Slender, and everytime you flip shit, you drink

TheMightyQuinn3000's picture

I think you guys should drinks in reference to Okami when you open the doors with the eyes with the keys. (In Okami Lockjaws hold off passages similar to eye doors and need keys to be inserted in their eyes to open them.)

FanBoy93's picture

Did you say yeah sure or yes sir? is a line from Super Troopers.

One thing you guys can do to help with breaks in livestreams is take 5 or so minute breaks and just tell everyone be back at this time, e.g. if it's 11:53 announce "We'll start playing again at 11:58" so we all know when to be back so we don't miss any hijinks and aren't left staring at empty chairs.

Shadow305's picture

I can't believe no one has said anything about Devil May Cry's can't-leave-until-you-kill-everyone doors.

hairyape94's picture

There are sirens at 5:10 on part 3, I can't believe you guys didn't hear them.

Phallentitan's picture

You guys were talking about how Darksiders is a dumb name and they should have picked something else

"We thought rather than pick a name that was very specific to one of the characters or the four horsemen or whatever, Darksiders just kind of encompassed all of the characters and the universe, and the tone of our world. There aren't really any innocent parties in the first Darksiders, even the angels sort of have their dark secrets.

Honestly, part of it was just that it was a name that we all liked, and Darksiders kind of just kept making our top ten list over and over. And we said, "Damn it, let's just call it Darksiders!" It just kind of stuck, it was catchy.

I kind of like names like that anyway; I did a book called Battle Chasers and at no point does anyone say, "It's the Battle Chasers!" it's like… who is a Battle Chaser? I don't know. You never see the word anywhere in the book. But it just kind of encompassed the right energy and vibe for the book. And again, like Darksiders, it's vague but it also sort of fits the story and the characters."

Veemon3449's picture

I'd say the best thing ever put in a video game is ragdoll physics. I also agree on the Slender drink along, preferably with a facecam.

Scumbagb3n's picture

So Dickety is old language for ten?

TheMightyQuinn3000's picture

"We had to say dickety, cause the Kaiser stole our word 20." - Abe Simpson

Kurvco's picture

λ2 came out in 20dickety4

uncheckedcrowd's picture

keystone and steel reserve is as far the rabbit hole goes for me

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