Don't Starve Beta Drink Along (Day 28)

Grab a sustaining snack and a brewski for today's Drink Along of Don't Starve.

Thank you Harouki for gifting me Don't Starve on Steam!


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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Fantastic video as always, i was wondering if there was anyway to make the drink alongs downloadable? witht the discussion on the last podcast i would love to see the focus shift to the drink alongs but some viewers such as myself are not blessed with great internet connections and it is a very slow process to watch videos of this length. I myself would be happy just hearing this as an mp3 file the same way as the podcasts as it is nearly impossible to watch the drink alongs and first impressions.

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