Modern Warfare 3 Official Gameplay Trailer

Below is the gameplay for MW3, and in my opinion although it is just flashes of images to me. It is more like snippets of Michael Bays next war film, than actual gameplay of what the player is doing. To me the call of duty franchise is difficult, the reason being that i tell myself that i will not buy essentially the same game every year. And yet somehow i always do, and most likely i will end up playing this as well, but i feel as though battlefield 3 might be a more well made game. Thus most likely many gamers will be buying this call of duty this year, and wouldn't surprise me if it did beat sales records again.

But overall i think the game looks good and chances are i will buy it, just because its call of duty, the biggest gaming franchise at this moment in time. Yes i am rooting for battlefield 3, but chances are more will buy COD. Anyway that is my own opinion on this, and yes feel free to disagree because it creates gaming discussions. The gameplay video is seen below, and yeah check it out :D

Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer : 

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I'm not a huge Call of Duty fan, but good lord that is trailer is amazing.

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Let's hope it's more than 4 hours long, like MW2. Not that I believe it is.

Why no video of the multiplayer? Are they affraid people will think it's just MW2 with new names of the killstreaks? Most kids these days are stupid enough to yell "Yay, that's awesome!" anyway..

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Infinity Ward make a much better and complete game than Treyarch. I think this could be as good as or even better then COD4, and that's saying something.

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I'm still going to buy this, even though Infinity Ward is now a shell of its former self, but I'll reserve my judgments until I play the final product. With Battlefield 3 coming out this winter, it's looking like a good year for multiplayer fans, but Battlefield 3 gets my vote. It may just topple the giant that is Call of Duty.

The trailer looks damn good though. The developers really know how to get gamers' hearts racing. Just watch the Modern Warfare 2 "Infamy" trailer again. I'm sure the campaign will include big set piece moments that only Infinity Ward can deliver, but I'm still curious about multiplayer, as I'm sure everyone else is too.

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Does this mean that we get another Duty Calls "game" from epic

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as long as multiplayer has the barebones option from black ops, then i'm buying at launch.

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Soo...Many...Nubetubes...Can't...Handle...Dangercolse...OneManArmy...Camper...AHHH! (explodes upon impact)

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Is it just me or does this footage look like MW2 graphics with just different character models and different uniforms. Let's see some actual gameplay and multiplayer features - although I'm sure this will rake in the cash, and we're all going to buy it, so why does it matter?

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It looks like Modern Warfare 2. I hate how everyone shows the single player first not the multiplayer.

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being from sweden I gotto say this, its not Battlefield Bad company 3, its Battlefield 3 and thats why its is in my opinion gonna kick or atleast challenge call of duty, why you might ask?
1. Class based, nuff said
2. Vehicels, nothing more satisfing in a game then seeing little pixels flee your apache missels
3. Noobtube is(was) ineffective

However neither of the games have shown (multiplayer) gameplay im still kinda skeptical since its not the OG crew working on this, also find it funny that Russia is taking on Germany, England ,America and......France? REALLY?! Why france?

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@XL_ARES_IX Traditionally, multiplayer gameplay does not come out until after E3.

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@Tyrken You make a good point, it is battlefield 3, i should have checked before submitting. And i also agree with your points that you have made.

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same old shit, the only different is that they added a 3 to the end of the title instead of 2

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I'm the only one not excited about this. I'm probably getting B3 over this. Haven't played a big shooter since COD4.

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"I'm probably getting B3 over this."

Compared to Battlefield 3, MW3 will be poisoned dogshit.

However, will be fun pirating it some weeks before release and upload to youtube. And no, I will NOT buy it after release. Bought MW2, wish I could get my money back. If I didn't buy @ steam, I'd destroy my copy of it.

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This looks interesting though I refuse to get excited over another Call of Duty game.  Black Ops was a valiant effort, but for me, this series ended with CoD4.

That being said, if they can show some REAL gameplay footage like DICE has done, and it looks anywhere near as good as BF, I may take a closer look.  That said, with the two coming out the same day, and Skyrim also in November, it's hard to say I'll actually buy this.

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Attention haters:

BF3 will be the same as BF:BC2. 

MW3 will be the same as MW2.


Stupid cutscene you won't care about through second playthrough.  You got a buncha teammates who shoot.  There are bad guys. They shoot at you.  You have a gun.  You shoot at them, probably killing 95% of the enemies.  Vehicle comes up.  Get in seat, drive or get on the turret and light bitches up.  Again, you kill 95% of the bad guys.  Oh, no.  More bad guys.  Shoot them.  Killed 95% of them.  Structure needs destroying.  Press "--" to set explosive.  Blow up building.  Stupid Cutscene.


Shoot enemies.  Capture and carry flag back to base.  Capture flag zone.  Cuss at other players.  Set bombs.  Defuse bombs.


Feel free to switch around the orders.

BF fanboys get off your high-horse and off the CoD-hate bandwagon.  Who cares if you're buying BF3 over MW3 (Wait, you're obviously gonna buy that game too).  Whether you buy either of them, you're still doing the same thing basic thing: point-and-click.  Not to mention your fanboy-ism is equilivant to dogsh*t, and your money is going to the generous and humble people like Bobby Kotick and John Riccitello.

Having said that: I have been and going to get both games.

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I actually want to like MW3. I was super pumped for MW2 because I loved CoD4 so much. I honestly don't care if the campaign as is Michael Bay-ish as MW2. All I want is a little more story (don't really need much), more length (6-7 hours) and to stop murdering THE BEST FUCKING CHARACTERS! Gaz was a boss, and so was Ghost.

I'm am also equally pumped for BF3 on PC. Just bought a Radeon HD 6950 w/ 2GB GDDR5 memory. Gonna play that game like a dream, plus BF:BC2 was awesome, so BF3 will be too.

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With Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 coming out in the same month there is not much room in my gaming budget for MW3 anytime soon

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I see a solid rental. Elder Scrolls V and Ocarina for the 3DS are going to be keeping me busy so maybe I won't even have time to rent this. Oh well, I wanna see how the campaign ends.

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When this comes out ill buy black ops.. I like to stay one gen behind and avoid the "noobzzz".

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So any country that has the letter E in it is fucking boned.

I'll be in Uganda.

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Looks boring. Better games are coming out around that time that I'd rather be playing.

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Well said.

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then agian you could describe Beethovens symphonys as a mathamatical equation of numbers and letters or a series of sound waves with diffrents amplitudes etc. or you could appreciate it for what it is, music. Also not only point and click you do use the wasd keys too :)
PS. about the Beethoven thing, I think Einstien said that

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I have full respect for people who are going to try both, instead of judging a game by its prequel.

I have faith in Infinity Ward that they will learn from their mistakes (MW2 Unbalanced Multiplayer) and create a fun multiplayer experience that will last a long time (which Black Ops failed to do).

As for Battlefield, I think it has the potential to dominate the FPS generation(?). (can't think of a fancy word for that). Although it'd be funny to see this game fail miserably and watch the BF fanboys get depressed, I doubt this will happen and believe BF could be "the next big thing". However, you still have to realize that the CoD series was this "big thing" for a few years, but now it is slowly dying out. It is only a matter of time before this "death" happens to the Battlefield series as well.

You could technically say Battlefield 3 will be the CoD4 of its series. It will gather thousands of fans and start the series' golden years.

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Looks like the same damn thing we've seen from the last two installments in the Call of Duty franchise.

In addition, I can point out maybe a few seconds of actual "gameplay" in this supposed gameplay trailer.

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Meh.  Activision is Guitar Heroing this game:  Killing it, burrying it, and gang banging it with thirteen-year-old noob's dicks all across the world. 

I'm gonna stick with Reach. It fucking works and actually had thought put into it. 

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